About BigBird

The Big Bird Rural Development Office was created by three non-profit organizations. In terms of operation it is a community enterprise which was established to bring innovative solutions to social problems. In its organization it preserves community values and its employees want to achieve their goals as a community.

We are guided by a dual purpose: beyond sustainability our goal is to exert a social impact. We wish to achieve this through organized and responsible high standard services.

We see our entrepreneurial mission in local development and the acquisition of external resources, accordingly, we work in the fields of project planning, proposal writing, project processing and accounting. Additionally, we gladly perform other expert assignments in the field of community and rural development. Our mission is to strengthen the local community, to support entrepreneurship and innovative community initiatives, ensuring the conditions of the local economy through the enrichment of local products, linked development of natural and social capital. It is a particularly strong motivation for us to start our developmental work from the root of local communities and initiatives which are in an oppressed situation.