Mountain Pastures Trail and Launch Meeting


Venue and Schedule

Taking place in the picturesque landscapes of Slovak Paradise in Slovakia and Beskid Niski (Low Beskid) in Poland, this three-day trail and launch meeting is set to play a pivotal role in the project „Conserving Pastures and Halting Climate Change in Mountain Areas of V4 Countries.”

Day 1: Exploratory Trail

The journey begins with a team of three from the applicant organization traveling from Hungary’s Mátra/Bükk mountain region to Slovak Paradise. Throughout this trail, the team will capture footage of various pasture ecosystems and engage with shepherds to understand their practices and challenges. Upon reaching Slovak Paradise, two members from our Slovak partner organization will join the expedition. The team will traverse through the region, shooting valuable content related to pastures and shepherd activities before reaching the Polish partner’s base by evening. Importantly, the trail will cover 2-3 potential project sites represented by our Slovak Partner.

Day 2: Project Launch Meeting and Trail Continuation

Day two will see the project’s official launch at the Polish partner’s base. The three-hour meeting aims to set the course for the project and foster a deeper understanding among all involved parties. Post-lunch, the now-expanded team of seven will continue the trail in Beskid Niski, focusing on another 2-3 potential project sites.

Day 3: Information Day on Mountain Pasture Ecosystems

Upon returning from the trail, the team will invest considerable effort in processing the gathered data into various formats—documents, blog content, newsletters, edited videos, and photographs. All these will serve as the raw materials for the Information Day on Mountain Pasture Ecosystems. On this day, these collated insights will be disseminated widely through multiple online platforms, such as websites, social media, and specialized online groups, fulfilling the project’s commitment to raising awareness and understanding of mountain pasture ecosystems.

Why It Matters

This three-day initiative not only fits seamlessly into the project’s overarching aim of conserving mountain pastures but also serves as a crucial exercise for understanding and documenting the state of these ecosystems. It combines hands-on fieldwork with digital outreach, ensuring a comprehensive approach to halting climate change and preserving the cultural heritage in the V4 mountain areas.

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