Perspective Building Workshop – Hungary



Hosted in Miskolc, Hungary, this event—comprising three separate 3-day workshops—aims to offer a comprehensive understanding of ‘Mountain Pasture Ecosystems and Pastoralism’. Organized by the Applicant, this event is designed to serve as an educational cornerstone, empowering stakeholders to partake in critical conservation activities. The workshop features a series of technical sessions alongside a one-day field trip to deepen participants’ understanding of the subject matter.

Technical Themes

The workshop is broken down into key thematic sessions to provide a well-rounded perspective on the subject:

  1. Characteristics of Pasture and Grassland Ecosystems in the Mountains: This session aims to elucidate the unique features and complexities of mountain pastures.
  2. Pastoralism and Participatory Pasture Conservation for Halting Climate Change: Learn how pastoralism can be harnessed as a tool for participatory conservation aimed at climate change mitigation.
  3. Natural Livestock Farming and Biodiversity Conservation in Mountain Pastures: Understand the role of livestock farming in preserving the biodiversity of these delicate ecosystems.
  4. Pastoral Tourism and Sustainable Livelihood of Shepherds: Discover how tourism can be leveraged to support the economic viability of pastoral communities.
  5. Self-Driven Action Plans for Pastures Conservation: Participants will be encouraged to develop self-driven action plans that can serve as stepping stones for further conservation projects.

Hands-On Experience

In addition to these technical discussions, a field trip is embedded within the three-day workshop. This trip serves to bridge the gap between theory and practice, giving participants an on-ground experience that will aid in perspective-building.

Participants and Impact

The workshop is designed for about 20 participants and aims to educate multiple stakeholders in Hungary. This educational experience will prepare them to become critical links in subsequent conservation projects within their respective communities.

Why This Workshop Matters

Mountain pastures are at the frontlines of the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss. Their conservation is not just an environmental imperative but also a social one, impacting the livelihoods of pastoral communities. This workshop aims to equip stakeholders with the knowledge and tools to carry forward the essential work of pasture conservation and protection, one community at a time.

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