We are proud to announce our key partners in our project „Conserving Pastures and Halting Climate Change in Mountain Areas of V4 Countries.”

Slovakia – Civil Association Patač

Občianske združenie Patáč

Kamenín 67, 94357 Kamenín Slovakia

Contact person: Jozef Grman


Phone: +421944093265

Our organization was established in 2015 and its main purpose is to recover and maintain Salt marshes in Slovakia. Currently we cover 45 Hectares of National reservation „Kamenínske Slaniská” (Kamenin Salt Marshes), that is situated in the southern part of Slovakia. 

This area is the natural habitat for some of the critically endangered plant species in Slovakia such as Siberian Statice (latin Limonium Gmelini) or Galatella punctata. We are maintaining pastures to preserve their natural habitat. Our priority is to preserve grassland and biodiversity in this area. I enclose a link to a presentation brochure about our farming area, to which our association contributed.

We have chosen the Hungarian Gray Cattle for our mission and as of today our main herd consists of 55 pieces of cattle, which in the Fall months of the year can grow to as large as 110 pieces. With our choice the Hungarian Gray cattle, which is a protected species. We are also preserving the natural cattle breed methods and knowledge in this region.

Our livestock was purchased by members of our association and grazed in a common herd. We have built the infrastructure needed to keep the animals in a nomad cold farming environment, with pens and hay storage, as well as a viewpoint and outdoor community space for our members and visitors. We are essentially a cooperative farming association, coordinating our production and marketing activities.

Kamenin Salt Marshes, Slovakia

Poland – Pro Carpathia

ul. Rynek 16/1, 35-064 Rzeszów
Contact person: Agnieszka Pieniążek

Pro-Carpathia brings an extensive background in managing cross-border projects and partnerships, which is invaluable to our initiative for several reasons:

  1. Expertise in Cross-Border Cooperation: Their experience spans multiple countries and programs, such as the Poland-Belarus-Ukraine Cooperation Programme and the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme focused on Carpathian Forest Fauna.
  2. Cultural Preservation: Through projects like „The World of Carpathian Rosettes” and the „Wallachian Culture Trail,” Pro-Carpathia has a strong track record in preserving the unique cultural assets of the Carpathians.
  3. Ecotourism & Nature Conservation: Pro-Carpathia has also worked with shepherd communities and other local stakeholders in mountain areas to promote ecotourism and conservation.
Notable Projects
  1. Cross-border Cooperation Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine
  2. Refugium of the Carpathian Forest Fauna in Migration Corridors (Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme)
  3. Wallachian Culture Trail (Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Interreg)
  4. The World of Carpathian Rosettes (ENI Cross-Border Cooperation Programme)

They are also behind the Carpathian People’s University, an initiative aimed at fostering regional development and cooperation along the Poland-Slovakia-Ukraine border. Learn more here.

New Partnership

This marks the first formal cooperation between Anima and Pro-Carpathia, and we are optimistic that this collaboration will yield significant benefits for both regional development and environmental conservation.

With Pro-Carpathia as a partner, we are poised to advance our objectives in a more cohesive and impactful manner, benefitting the mountain ecosystems and communities of the V4 countries.

Western-Carpathians, Poland

Hungary – Anima

Lispeszentadorján, Jókai u. 4. Hungary 8888
Contact person, Project coordinator: Endre Gyertyánági

Tel.: +36 20 2535950

Anima, established in 2003, brings a robust skillset and an extensive history of engagement in diverse areas highly relevant to our project’s goals:

  1. Cross-Border and Regional Scope: Anima has a strong background in managing cross-border projects, especially in TransDanubian counties.
  2. Multi-Thematic Expertise: They have been involved in civil society development, capacity building, NGO networking, and international relations, covering areas like cultural heritage, rural and agricultural development, and environmental conservation.
  3. Proven Track Record: With over 50 successfully implemented projects, Anima has substantial experience in leading complex, multi-stakeholder initiatives.

Noteworthy Completed Projects

  1. Rural Science-Society-Policy Interfaces; Funded by EU H2020. Learn more
  2. Social Innovation on the Farm; Funded by EU H2020. Learn more
  3. LivestockSense; Funded by EU H2020. Learn more
  4. Social Farm and Community Enterprises in Agriculture and Food Processing; Funded by GINOP. Learn more
  5. Rural Development Office for Disadvantaged Communities; Funded by TÁMOP. Learn more
  6. Renewable Energy in Villages; Funded by Interreg IIIA.

Recent Involvement

Anima has been a key facilitator of a global program on mountain ecosystems. Learn more

Given Anima’s proven track record and relevant expertise, we are highly optimistic about our role in making this project a success. Our skills in capacity building, networking, and rural development align perfectly with our project objectives, making us an ideal partner for our cross-border initiative.

Bükk-mountain range, Hungary

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