Tarts velünk!


We welcome applications from all those who would like to join us during the project:
–   Pastoralists and mountain farmers
–   Entrepreneurs who are linked to mountain farming
–   National Parks and protected areas in mountain areas of the V4 countries
–   Local Self-Governance Bodies, District Councils and Village Councils-   Local NGOs
–   Academic Institutions/ Experts
–   Cultural organisations, artists, craftsmen and traditionalists
–   Experts and environmentalists from Europe and beyond interested in our project

Please contact us!

What can you get from the project?

The  participants will lead subsequently many small local projects to conserve and protect grazing pastures and its ecosystem services, to halt the climate impacts, and to revive the biocultural heritage of shepherds. Since the grassland ecosystems have cross-boundary nature with continuing landscapes over entire V4 region, coordinated interventions are required. Hence, in long-term (beyond this precursor project), proposed regional multi-stakeholder partnership forum, ‘Mountain Alliance of Pastoralists, Farmers and Traditionalists’, will act as umbrella alliance in the region with coordinated functions, including expanding market linkages/space for agricultural products of shepherds and pasture tourism. In a regional context, with the mandate of pasture ecosystem protection, this project will prepare a ground for subsequent national and cross-border level agricultural bridgehead projects/initiatives in mountain areas, led by different CSOs in cross-border partnerships. 

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