Perspective Building Workshop – Slovakia


Setting the Scene

Located in Gánovce and hosted by the Slovak Partner, this event—comprised of a series of three 3-day workshops—serves as a cornerstone for environmental and social change. The core focus of the workshop is to build perspective on ‘Mountain Pasture Ecosystems and Pastoralism’ specifically in Slovakia. Designed for approximately 20 participants, each workshop spans three days and includes a field trip to provide a real-world context to the topics discussed.

In-Depth Technical Themes

The workshops offer a comprehensive educational framework through the exploration of the following key themes:

  1. Characteristics of Pasture and Grassland Ecosystems in the Mountains: This session is dedicated to understanding the ecological nuances specific to mountain pastures and grasslands.
  2. Pastoralism and Participatory Pasture Conservation for Halting Climate Change: Participants will delve into the role of pastoralism in effective, participatory conservation approaches to mitigate climate change impacts.
  3. Natural Livestock Farming and Biodiversity Conservation in Mountain Pastures: This theme will unpack how livestock farming can be both sustainable and beneficial for biodiversity in mountainous regions.
  4. Pastoral Tourism and Sustainable Livelihood of Shepherds: A critical examination of how pastoral communities can diversify income through tourism, without compromising the integrity of their way of life or the ecosystems they inhabit.
  5. Self-Driven Action Plans for Pastures Conservation: The final session will encourage participants to develop actionable plans for pasture conservation, tailored to their specific contexts and communities.

A Field Experience

An essential part of the educational process, each workshop includes a one-day field trip to facilitate hands-on learning. This trip aims to make the theoretical aspects of the workshop tangible, helping to crystallize the learning outcomes.

Participants and Expected Outcomes

The target audience for the workshop includes stakeholders ranging from policymakers to local community members. The ultimate goal is to build capacity among these participants, enabling them to spearhead smaller, localized projects for pasture conservation and protection.

The Importance of the Initiative

Mountain pasture ecosystems are vital not only for biodiversity but also for climate change mitigation. Their preservation has direct implications for the livelihoods of pastoral communities. By equipping stakeholders in Slovakia with the requisite knowledge and tools, these workshops aim to serve as a catalyst for sustainable change, empowering communities to take the reins of conservation into their own hands.

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